Death by Lechon

Many today live by the mind-set of ‘Eat, Drink and be Merry’, or enjoying each day by eating what you desire. But are you really enjoying your life by loading your body with fried food, fats, sugars and empty calories?

Now, I’m sure you enjoy your local delicacies. Especially Isaw, Lechon, kwek kwek, Taho and all the delicious stuff you can find on the streets. However, did you know that these are the very things that could cause your tummy not only to expand, but your heart to fail and your erection to die?

Sobering thought. But when you consider the fact that street vendors want to cut costs and earn profit – Then it makes sense to use recycled oil, re-fry food that has been left out in the open for too long, and sometimes even add preservatives to food to increase its longevity.

Hygenic fast food can also be unhealthy, however. The Jollybee menu is laden with deep fried chicken as well as processed sauce pasta, and everyone’s favourite fast foods are full of preservatives, and soda that usually comes with set meals are diabetes boosters.

All these not only cause gastrointestinal problems, but also problems to your veins, arteries, cardiovascular system, kidneys and blood sugar levels.

When you want an erection and the energy for intercourse ending with ejaculation, you will need a strong, healthy heart and blood to be flowing smoothly.

Food high in saturated fat cause your arteries to be clogged. Clogged arteries will lead to respiratory problems as well as proper blood flow, which is essential to a strong and lasting erection.

Food such as white bread, cakes and pastries (or what is called empty calories) are loaded with sugars, which lead to diabetes, which lead to erectile dysfunction in the long term.

There is no need to sacrifice all of the above food and eat only salad – what you need is a balanced diet. For example, pair your adobo with stir fried vegetables, such as Ginisang Gulay, Utan Bisaya or simple chopsuey.

Cook the above dishes with less sugar, salt and oil. At the same time, consume drinks that are not processed. Drop the coke for unsweetened tea or fresh fruit juices.

Fresh coconut or Buko is great in hot weather but should not be drunk in excess. Drink lots of plain, bottled water.

White rice is high in processed sugar, so cut your consumption to 80% of what you are eating (unless you exercise a lot) and cut down on the lechon to maybe once a week.

Do not view the above advice as sacrifices, but investments into your sexual health – after all, you do want to continue satisfying your partner till your 70s!


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