SupaSize Review – Male Performance Pills

When it comes to male performance herbs, only one name in Asia truly stands out – WOW Nutrition.

Established in Singapore in 1998, the company has been successfully selling men’s health products in the market. After two years of tests and experiments, they finally created a formula that would be a winner – Supasize.

The formula is based on a carefully measured amount tested by a qualified herbal physician, and there is strict enforcing of top quality control in terms of factory production.

The ingredients of Supasize include:

Hawthorne Berry

Hawthorne Berry

Used for many centuries for its blood-circulative and de-toxification properties. So how does detoxification support erectile functions?

In a nutshell, one of the reasons why many people suffer from erection problems is absorbing too much toxin from modern processed food. Hawthorne Berries work on cleansing the liver and detoxifying the body, allowing for the production of more testosterone. Hawthorne also helps the blood flow down the penis and making it as hard as steel.

Saw Palmetto
fan-palm-1555429This palm-like herb has been used for the treatment of the prostate, especially benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and urinary issues. Men who have had low testosterone levels have also found this herb perfect as it balances testosterone levels and reduces prostate growth.

Cayenne Pepper
three-red-chilli-peppers-1321422Cayenne carries a substance known as capsaisin, which been proved to clear sinuses, cleanse the system and even relieve migraine.
Cayenne has also been used to boost cardiovascular function and improves blood flow, again to where it counts.



Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng)
Used in Asian cuisine and herbal tisanes for the past 5,000 years, Ginseng is used to cure chronic exhaustion and fatigue, used as a tonic for the spleen, lungs and even alleviating diabetes.korean-ginseng-dosage-300x200

It is also used to alleviate hypertension and thin the blood for better blood flow. Less anxiety or worry + better blood flow = bigger erection!
Another added benefit of Ginseng is that it has insomnia squashing properties, therefore it doesn’t come with the sleeplessness or energy crash that caffeine brings about.

Gingko Biloba
gingko-biloba-1058537All parts of this amazing tree are used in traditional medicine, and this concoction carries a ton of benefits, such as a memory booster, cure for asthma and respiratory diseases, and works as a strong antioxidant, and even to improve cardiovascular health as its main benefit is in improving blood flow to the heart and brain.



Oat Straw

The humble Oat Straw produces copious amounts of calcium and magnesium, and is used for both physical and nervous fatigue. Most importantly, it has been shown to strengthen the prostate gland, and improve cardiovascular functions. A strong heart and good prostate is needed for great sex.



Vitamin E aka alpha tocopherol
vitamine_ingredientmainAlpha tocopherol is a natural vitamin that is found in a variety of foods, especially nuts and vegetables.

Alpha tocopherol is a top notch antioxidant which reduces oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and prevents the breakdown of other nutrients by oxygen. Vitamin E stabilizes and protects cell membranes and tissues from damage.
WOW Nutrition leverages on high level manufacturing technology to isolate Vitamin E in its most effective form and place it as part of the effective formula known as Supasize.

In summary…
As with all herbal supplements, products like these do not work immediately, however after a period of a few days one would see a noticeable difference in terms of one’s libido and erection strength.

Consume according to the dosage stated, maintain a healthy lifestyle and your sex life will definitely show improvements!


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